about us

We at Luxury Toy have specialized in the production of classic board games and game components made of high-quality precious metals, in particular 18k gold and 925 sterling silver!

Our range of articles is aimed at private individuals, game specialists, those looking for investments, companies and organizations, or just those looking for a very special gift who have a strong sense of playing and collecting toys and board games - of all types and categories - with which Desire to be able to actively use, play and present the games and components!

We are pursuing the goal of producing high-quality toy items with precious metal components that, in terms of their shape and classic characteristics, have classic game components and can be used in their most distinctive form.

Exceptional board games and components with a timeless value and pure elegance that give every living and office space that special touch. Every component, every game - a perfect investment.

A decisive difference to the globally available, high-quality toy articles on the market is that the products are mainly made of gold (18 carat) and silver (925 sterling silver).

The range is based on an idea that has been in my head for many years and has to do with my history, my professional career. As VL and GF of various toy companies, I have been involved with theme games for decades and am probably familiar with every component for parlor games.

Many games end up in the trash after they have been played or used for a short time, or they disappear in the cupboard for a few years, only to then find their way into the trash. It's the same with manufacturing. Raw materials such as wood, plastic and many other materials are transported umpteen times around the globe. Not to mention the production, which is not always valuable. Understandable, because with a mass product it is not always quality that counts, but cheap production. All variants are made in Germany. We source the raw materials from a leading refinery that is certified and guarantees the authenticity of the materials.

Local raw materials that are cultivated precisely for this purpose can hardly be found anymore. Ultimately too expensive for production in the local area.

Here is Luxury Toy's approach - our mission: We make board games and components that are valuable, unique, simple and made to last. They have a timeless value and are still fun and beautiful to look at in their pure elegance or for your own gaming pleasure. Which as a raw material do not have to be mined again, but are available in the cycle. Benefit from our expertise, increase your investment portfolio and at the same time bring breathtaking elegance to your rooms.

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